Emotion- Energy in Motion

🎆Emotion- Energy in Motion🎆

It is important to use it wisely for optimal health.

What have I found works best?

1- Take an observer role to understand your patterns- Why do you respond the way you do? How long have you been responding the same way without much thought, in other words, purely reactionary? Is this response helpful or hurtful for your growth?

2- FEEL it. This is the most uncomfortable thing to do, but the most effective. Feeling it does not equate to lashing out/releasing as this can reinforce the pattern you are wishing to break. If you do lash out/release in a destructive sense, be gentle with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It may take several experiences of retraining to stop the cycle.

3- Build new beneficial pattern. This step will look different for many and highly dependent on the pattern at hand.

I personally thank the cycle for bringing to my awareness where I can change, then proceed with welcoming Love and Grace into every situation going forward.🌿🌿

Also many have used the emotional freedom technique (EFT) with success, which involves a similar mechanism of recall mixed with tapping in certain areas of the body to aid release of old patterns.

Your Body as a Teacher


What we are slowly coming to realize as a collective is that our body, both individually and as a group, serves as a teacher.

It shows you where awareness is needed and when imbalances occur. It typically begins as something small, and if unabated due to ignorance or denial, the pendulum swings ever wider in imbalance.

Awareness is applied as a correction to course so that the imbalance may be resolved. Afterall the body is in constant seeking of homeostasis.

Let us take an example of this- diabetes.

The patterns that lead to metabolic dysfunction and high blood glucose initially start on the emotional and mental planes, which then manifest through its effect on neurotransmitters, hormones, and then effect cell to cell communication and permeability. Eventual depletion of the regenerative materials to maintain homeostasis occurs, which pushes the repetition of this pattern into an unchecked program or runaway train. The snowballing effect leads to greater imbalance and worsening of the vehicle’s condition.

Diabetes and metabolic dysfunction are intimately tied to emotional repetition of grief, sorrow and regret and are mentally triggered through errors of thought regarding little joy to be had in life and the need to constantly control everything around you.

If these patterns are abated, the body is able to correct course without “dis-ease” occurring. If not the runaway train eventually occurs.

Overwhelming majority of dis-ease programming within the body can be retraced back to such origins and is why with greater and greater force these imbalances are arising. The current paradigm of band-aid it and forget is no longer working going forward. This is why a holistic approach is crucial. I say this with great love to aid others in remembering- your body is your teacher.

Viruses- Programming for Awareness

What actually are viruses? Cohorts/Codes of programming that help to redirect areas of imbalance.

Why do we experience them? The body seeks balance, or homeostasis, always.

How does this apply to what has happened over the past 2.5 years?

“Corona”=Crown=Unity Consciousness

It isn’t what we were told as fear has been used to control for millennia. Connection to heart, connection to Divine Feminine (in ADDITION to Masculine, not in place of) and the knowing that all is connected are what we are needing.

Let us live connected in our Heart Center as we move forward, it is truly vital! ❤❤❤

Use of Crystal Balls

I wanted to make a post about crystal balls because there are several misconceptions about their use and confliction about whether glass ones are “real” or not.

Firstly did you know that both glass and quartz are to a large degree the same? What separates them by name is the percentage of silica/silicon dioxide they contain. Glass typically has percentages of silica around 70-75% for most manufactured states of glass. Meanwhile quartz on the other hand has a higher percentage of silica, usually 85% or more plus inclusions of other minerals depending on geographic location.

This means that for purpose of meditation and ritual use, your glass orb will suit its purpose just fine.

Secondly the misconception of use surrounds the more stereotypical vision of a fortune-teller peering through the veil to the worlds unseen- past, future, and/or the noncorporeal. There is some truth to this for those that are clairvoyant, or possess the ability to move past the 5 physical senses and focus on what their inner sight reveals. However, this has very little to do with the crystal ball, which only serves as the tool for the practitioner.

The crystal ball serves as a primary point of focus to aid the practitioner in gleaning information from all the nonphysical senses, and that can come through any of the “clairs.” So for example let us say you are meditating on an issue and you utilize the crystal ball as your point of focus. If you start receiving wisdom by hearing, by a sudden sense of knowing, by scent, or taste then you are successful with its use. You need not see a moving picture for a crystal ball to be helpful in your endeavor.

And also for this reason, a crystal ball is not necessary to experience clairvoyance, or inner vision. Any reflective surface, flame or even the back of your eyelids if the eyes are closed, can serve as an inflection point for inner sight. This reinforces the idea that metaphysical tools are exactly that, tools, which are only powerful when wielded by the practitioner.

This brings me to another common misconception of equating crystal balls to the “dark” arts or “black” magic. Any tools used to attain wisdom or gain insight can be used for beneficial or nefarious purposes. It solely falls down to the intent of the person utilizing it. But as stated above, it is not necessary for someone who wanted to bring ill will upon another to utilize the crystal ball or any other metaphysical tool to do it.

In actuality people do this all the time, either knowingly or unknowingly. If you curse at a person in traffic for cutting you off, if you secretly wish for someone to fail, if you backhand compliment people, or if you manipulate them into doing something for you, these are all examples of execution of ill will or intent on another. No metaphysical tools ever needed.

Please feel free to leave me any questions or comments below as I am always happy to help to teach/learn and I myself am always willing to learn/teach.


TOP Ten Crystals for Protection



Every single thing in existence has an energy stamp. From the most miniscule amoeba to the largest planet in the galactic sea.

Each combination of atoms depending on its electrical presence can be as unique as a fingerprint to a human being.

It is not a far stretch to envision that certain energetic frequencies can induce a particular effect on the surrounding environment, including the electrical/nervous system of the human body.

I think with time science will concur with this magickal phenomenon.

From personal experience and practice, I have compiled a list of my top 10 crystals for protection and grounding.

They are as follows:

  • Obsidian

    • Obsidian can be used for protection, particularly from energy manipulation. Itgems-1400677_1920 is perfect for grounding scattered energy in situations where you are anxious or overwhelmed.
    • Obsidian can also help with detachment from outcomes. Trying to control every situation in your life tends to create inner turmoil and strife when scenarios fail to play out the way you want or expect. When carrying or wearing obsidian, you can better grasp the flow of life itself and feel free to ride the wave.
    • Obsidian can also help to shed light on unnecessary or repeating patterns in your life. If you are feeling stagnant, obsidian can help to elicit breakthroughs for spiritual progression.
    • Grounding and protection qualities of obsidian extend to variations like snowflake obsidian and apache tear stones.

  • Tourmaline

    • Black tourmaline can be very effective for protection against negative energy or entities. As with obsidian, tourmaline can help with grounding scattered energetic patterns.
    • Black tourmaline is also used to enhance one’s creativity safely and intuitively.
    • Watermelon tourmaline can also be used for protection and even more so grounding. Because it can help with nervousness, anxiety, and other emotional instability, watermelon tourmaline can bring balance to such patterns.

  • Tiger Eye

    • Tiger eye, which is a variety of quartz, can help with grounding by enhancing tiger-eye-1605870_1920.jpgconcentration and focus on the task at hand.
    • With its robust masculine energy, tiger eye can help infuse you with courage and optimism to help recognize one’s own power.
    • Protection with tiger eye can come from its grounding abilities as well as its tendency to help bring about intuitive insight.
    • Its grounding and protective qualities can be found in all its most common forms: gold, red, and blue.
    • Red tiger eye is more frequently associated with protection given its color. The color red, the color of the root chakra, is affiliated with survival, instinctual needs, and safety.
    • Blue tiger eye is more commonly associated with bringing peace and tranquility given its beautiful deep blue hue.

  • Onyx

    • Onyx can be helpful in banishing negative energies or destructive and repetitive patterns in your life.
    • Onyx, with its ability to balance yin/yang or male/female energies, can be useful in centering or grounding yourself as well.
    • Much like obsidian, onyx can also help with detachment from situational life outcomes.
    • If you are looking for a stone to help with self-control, whether it be over emotions or negative behaviors, onyx would be ideal to wear or carry on your person.

  • Amethyst

    • amethyst-1576233_1920.jpgAmethyst, a variation of quartz, is the stone of sobriety and has long been associated with warding off drunkenness. It may help to break certain addictions and other negative behavioral patterns that are detrimental to your spiritual growth.
    • Amethyst is also a good stone for balancing energies by keeping you at a centered, calm point of view. If you work in a job or have a career where you are frequently involved in others’ personal turmoil (i.e. counsellors, nail salon technicians, medical field personnel, etc.), amethyst would be a great stone to wear or carry.
    • Amethyst can also help to clear the aura of energetic debris and thus can enhance the reception of intuitive insight.

  • Turquoise

    • Turquoise is a very versatile stone that has come to be associated with the Native stones-315271_1280.jpgAmerican culture. It has been used for protection and guidance while undergoing shamanic journeys.
    • Turquoise can help to bring you to a grounded state where self-awareness prevails, which aids in your ability to approach situations on an even keel. It can help to decrease anxiety and any emotional instability that can occur when lacking appropriate perspective.
    • Turquoise may encourage spiritual reconnection and attunement.

  • Hematite

    • Hematite is a wonderful stone for protection and grounding. It is well known for its reflective properties, given its mirror-like appearance particularly when polished.
    • Hematite may help to promote self-control, much like onyx. It can transform or transmute negative energetic debris that can contribute to stagnation and lack of purpose.
    • It is also used to alleviate stress that comes from such energetic buildup. Due to its deflective ability, it helps to prevent such energetic residue from recurring.

  • Quartz Crystal

    • Quartz crystal is the most versatile stone in existence. It can be programmed gem-2420244_1920.jpgto perform and store practically any function that the user desires. For this reason alone, if you are going to own any stone at all, the quartz crystal would be the ideal stone.
    • Although any quartz crystal can be used for protection and grounding, the most notable for such functions is the smoky quartz.
    • Smoky quartz crystal has the capability to transform negativity and remove prominent blocks and barriers to growth.
    • Failure to let go of what no longer serves can contribute to stagnation. Smoky quartz can assist you in letting go of what doesn’t align any longer with your highest good.

  • Amber


    • Associated with the sun, amber, which is actually a resin, brings a warm courageous energy to its wearer.
    • Amber can boost self esteem and confidence in one’s abilities and in turn release your insecurities.
    • Given that it is a tree resin, it is earthy in nature and very grounding as a result. It can help up calm anxiety and reduce any emotional static that you may have built up over time.

  • Jasper

    • Considered an earth stone, jasper is well-known for its grounding properties. It helps to bring about creativity and harmony with your surroundings.
    • Jasper helps to stabilize inner emotional turmoil, bringing about a state of peace and security.
    • Jasper is referred to as a nurturing stone because of its gentle and healing effect.


Faerie, Faerie, Quite Contrary, Off to the Garden You Go


Many different stories abound in cultures across the world about the enchanting ways of the Fae. They can be found in lush forests, whimsical gardens, forked waterways, and rolling mounds.  They are known by many names and tend to be most commonly described as wild nature spirits.

background-313566_640There appears to be also many subtypes of faeries, including the Vila, Rusalka, Tündér, Keshalyi, and even the Fates are hinted as being of the Fae kingdom. Also present are the Deva, usually referred to as the flower faeries, and the Sidhe. 

Types of Faeries Depending on Origin

  1. Vila

    • Can also be spelled Wila, Veela, or Veles
    • Are considered shamanic, healer spirits and guardians of animals and the forests
    • Can be harsh correctors in that they enforce justice where wrongdoings have occurred during rituals and altar practices
    • Typically reside in Europe and along the Balkan Peninsula
    • Seem to prefer teaching women and only men when they favor them; but as a man, crossing them would surely end in death
    • Animals that are associated with them include swans, horses, and wolves
  2. Rusalka

    • Origins are in Russia
    • fairy-2196822_640.pngAre female nature spirits that can be found near active waters and forests
    • Can be avid healers and shapeshifters
    • Many different theories abound to their exact origin, including that they were the souls of women who either died drowning or who died without being baptized during Christianity’s uprise
    • Can also appear as alluring mermaids or as fierce warriors
    • Animals associated with them include the wolf
  3. Deva

    • Origin usually mentioned as Vedic and Hindu
    • Initially thought to be gods or angels who offer assistance after humans develop a certain level of awareness
    • More presently suggested to be nature spirits and are divided into subtypes according to the particular species of plant, tree, animal etc. with which they are associated or of which they are guardians
    • May be able to control energies for growth and healing
    • The term deva is sometimes used in lieu of elemental spirits
  4. Sidhe

    • Can also be spelled Shee
    • Originated in Ireland and Scotland
    • The word Sidhe can also mean ancient burial treasure mounds or faerie mounds
    • Are both male and female and can be very loving and passionate as well as extremely volatile
    • Can be master healers, but can easily also inflict significant illness
    • Usually active, like most faeries, during Beltane, Midsummer, and Samhain and during times of the betwixt like dusk, dawn, midnight, noon hour
  5. Keshalyi

    • Origins are considered Romani or Gypsy
    • May sometimes be associated with the Fates
    • Typically found in dense forests and mountain ranges near Transylvania
    • Considered very fertile and are the ones to petition when needing to heal infertility
    • Considered benevolent and quick to perform kind deeds
  6. The Fates

    • Origins are considered Greekfairy-2152543_1280
    • Also called the Moirae, they were banished during the times of rising Christianity
    • Reemerged during modern Greek mythology as birth faeries
    • Typically appear as elderly women, in groups of 3, usually on the 3rd night after a baby is born
    • Can decree and/or deliver the news of fate depending on mood and inclination
  7. Tündér

    • Origins are considered to be Hungarian
    • Typically are beautiful and benevolent
    • More so are female spirits than male
    • Usually live in remote mountain ranges and lush gardens
    • Can be enchanting, love to dance and may adorn their hair with pearls
    • The Milky Way is mentioned as their path with the forking portion of it referred to in Hungarian as tündérek forduloja, or “where the Tündér turn around”


First and foremost you need to be certain you wish to make contact. As with any entity or being, you should be respectful and patient, never demanding or condescending. 

Faeries Near You and How to Interact

In order to encourage the presence of and interactions with faeries, you need to be patient and supportive. They may be skittish of human contact, which is understandable.

Approach ideally during betwixt times: sunrise,sunset, noon time, midnight or witching hour, as well as the Equinoxes and Solstices.

fairy-2421561_1280Look for signs of possible faerie presence, like faery forts or rings. Whisperings of laughter or chiming of bells may also be heard. When in nature it is best to be still; listen and feel what is around you. Subtle shifts of energy can be palpable when you are in the presence of faeries and other etheric beings.

Particular places for faerie interaction will usually involve the in-between locations. Forking waterways and roads, beaches and areas where water/ground meet, door thresholds, hallways and landings, and small clearings in the middle of dense forest & wooded areas.

Speak with your heart when reaching out to the Fae as your subtle energies will impact their receptivity. You may also bring gifts or offerings to make your intentions known. It is said that faeries enjoy sweet treats, particularly honey.

Be consistent in your attempts to reach out, so that they may know you are serious and intent on making a connection. The more reverence you show to nature, typically the more likely such beings will be open to interaction.

“May your eyes be always open,

May your hearts overflow,

That which enchants will also protect,

— May this you always know.” 

Ted Andrews, author of Enchantment of the Faerie Realm


Releasing Your Inner Star Child


Where do we go wrong? How do so many of us end up living, if you can call it that, in such an automated, robotic way?

Be responsible, they said. Be successful, they said.

What do these terms even MEAN?

Obviously the definitions are really a matter of our perspective and the experiences we let define us. When we listen to the opinions of others and let their definitions guide our life choices, we tend to find ourselves somewhere between Meh & IDGAF.

Why is that? Is it because we all too often let others dictate how we think, feel, dream, aspire, grow, LIVE?

Somewhere along the way, through the various means of exposure (be it society, technology, and/or consumerism), we are robbed of our own unadulterated thoughts, desires, and dreams. Diluted from the flood of intrusive data that begins at such a young age, we somehow lose our true selves in all the hustle.

So how do you get that sparkle back? How indeed.

“May we throw normalcy to the wind and ride the breeze

above and beyond the mediocrity.”

Let’s talk inner star child.


The New Age definition of star child refers to a child that possesses unusual, special, and/or supernatural abilities and traits that help to define their current life’s work or purpose.

I don’t personally subscribe to such a definition as, to me, it suggests that those outside of the category are at the other end of the spectrum.

Instead I believe all of us as children start with these abilities, and each sentient being has a unique purpose for growth in this world. The unfortunate truth is that many of us lose sight of this secondary to circumstances and experiences that directly impact our feelings of self-worth.

Nevertheless, getting back to that state of balance can be a fun and fluid process.

Ways to Connect with your Inner Child

  1. Acknowledge Past Hurts

    • In order to heal what contributed to the off-switch on your love spigot, you must open up again to feel the pain. You need to be willing to revisit the scene of the crime so that you may understand why you have closed yourself off or turned down your own vibrancy in the first place.
      • It many cases it can be traced back to previous judgments, doubts, and/or derogatory opinions from others (particularly those close to you that you admire).
  2. Journal and Draw

    • Doodling and writing are very therapeutic and are considered very valid adult-1850177_640techniques. They are often utilized in psychiatry and psychology offices.
      • It can be cathartic to release trauma via paper, whether it be by writing, coloring, or drawing. What is important is the release and acknowledgement of the hurt itself.
      • Afterwards you can set that baby ablaze and watch it BURN! Talk about therapeutic.
  3. Mingle with Nature

    • There is nothing that quite compares to the magick felt in nature. Often times it takes us back to childhood memories; a simpler time when we were not so manipulated by the negativity of the world.
      • Nature has an associated feeling of coming home; the energy in nature can help to calm the senses enough that your inner child can communicate with you.
      • Try doing something outdoors that you enjoyed as child. Make note of how you feel afterwards and anything that resurfaces as a result.
  4. Invite Spontaneity

    • Try to avoid getting into a habitual routine. Routine brings stagnation, and stagnation breeds decay. You want to keep the flow of life, well, flowing.
      • Take new classes in subjects that interest you, restart an old hobby that fell to the wayside, indulge in nature, join an online support group, take the long route to work, etc.
      • The more stimulation you can provide, the more growth that can occur. Just think back to when you were a child; it was a brand new world every single day!
  5. Dare to Dream

    • Rehash all the adventures and aspirations that you had in the past, but cast aside out of fear and doubt.
      • I like the saying Go Big or Go Home. What exactly is holding you back from doing what it is you wish to do? Is it something legitimate or is it another excuse?
      • Excuses are a portal to your edream-1804598_640motions. They typically tell you what you really are not wanting to communicate- the feeling of fear. It could be fear of failure, fear of hurt, fear of judgment, etc. Whatever it is, it serves no purpose, but to keep you from being the true you.
  6. Laugh Unabashedly

    • Laughter from the physiological standpoint elicits the release of endorphins, which in turn lightens your mood. It can increase your pain threshold, stimulate a positive perspective, and help create a sense of belonging with others.
  7. Drop the Judgment

    • So much of our negative belief patterns stem from learned behaviours. If we are able to take time to increase awareness, we can little by little reshape how we see the world.
      • Because several of our blocks are  most likely related to past judgments from others, we need to be willing to stop the karmic wheel through forgiveness and acceptance of those who have hurt us.
      • When you come from a place of observation and acceptance rather than judgment, you are much less likely to switch y our love spigot back off. You can allow life to flow rather than remain stagnant.

book-1014197_640This is by no means an all-inclusive list as there are many other ways to connect with your inner star child. Truly the ability rests on your desire and receptivity to looking beyond the ordinary.

And if your approach is earnest and eager with an open heart, the results will blossom into healing and reintegration.

Brightest Blessings to you all.

Release that Inner Star Child!