Your Body as a Teacher


What we are slowly coming to realize as a collective is that our body, both individually and as a group, serves as a teacher.

It shows you where awareness is needed and when imbalances occur. It typically begins as something small, and if unabated due to ignorance or denial, the pendulum swings ever wider in imbalance.

Awareness is applied as a correction to course so that the imbalance may be resolved. Afterall the body is in constant seeking of homeostasis.

Let us take an example of this- diabetes.

The patterns that lead to metabolic dysfunction and high blood glucose initially start on the emotional and mental planes, which then manifest through its effect on neurotransmitters, hormones, and then effect cell to cell communication and permeability. Eventual depletion of the regenerative materials to maintain homeostasis occurs, which pushes the repetition of this pattern into an unchecked program or runaway train. The snowballing effect leads to greater imbalance and worsening of the vehicle’s condition.

Diabetes and metabolic dysfunction are intimately tied to emotional repetition of grief, sorrow and regret and are mentally triggered through errors of thought regarding little joy to be had in life and the need to constantly control everything around you.

If these patterns are abated, the body is able to correct course without “dis-ease” occurring. If not the runaway train eventually occurs.

Overwhelming majority of dis-ease programming within the body can be retraced back to such origins and is why with greater and greater force these imbalances are arising. The current paradigm of band-aid it and forget is no longer working going forward. This is why a holistic approach is crucial. I say this with great love to aid others in remembering- your body is your teacher.

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