Healing The Root

Why Holistic?

To heal, you must go within- and that means taking a holistic approach that envelopes spiritual, mental, emotional and physiological health. As a nurse practitioner in allopathic medicine, it didn’t take long to realize there were major gaps in our current healthcare system. Those gaps many times were leaving folks feeling bereft with subpar care.

When looking at medication lists that seemed to only compound with each visit, the weight of it really creates a barrier for most when taking back control of their health. Rather than band-aiding issues, getting to the root of the problem takes a more patient-centered focus. How can we create changes in your life that DECREASE medications you’re taking, increase wellbeing, and just as important improve your quality of life? Your relationship with yourself is pivotal for true healing and taking it on is no easy feat, but it definitely is the most rewarding. After all what do we have in life if lacking in good health?

How Do I Help?

Many folks when reflecting on how to improve their health have one impressive hurdle to jump, “Where do I start?” The simplest answer is diet, exercise, and stress reduction. This is very straight forward, yes, but can be overwhelming when trying to decide what is best for your body. That is where I am able to offer insight on how to rebalance the body and regain health and vitality. Focus is placed on dietary changes, stress management, emotion management, and supplementation if needed including bio-resonance frequencies. I encourage multiple modalities as the best approach to health, but the basis of my assessment is centered on bio-resonance feedback scanning. This can be done both in-person as well as remotely but more on remote consults later.

QEST4 Bioenergetic Analysis

When looking at the body, an energetic field encompasses and extends beyond, revealing a complex web of electromagnetic manifestations influenced by human consciousness. Bioenergetic Analysis is an innovative way of assessing imbalances and changing the way we view dis-ease and wellbeing. This makes the QEST4 a wonderfully intuitive tool that illuminates the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, and physical processes with dis-ease, and aids in pinpointing priorities in order to optimize your health.

Interested in more specific information regarding the physics of the machine?

Here is a great informational video on how it works!

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