Welcome to:  🍀Healing Roots🍀
Let’s start with who I am. My name is Jamie Nash, and I’ve been serving the River Valley as a nurse practitioner for 7 years bringing more than 12 years of medical experience.
I’ve always had a passion for the healing arts, but had decided to get back to my roots (pun intended) and offer a more holistic approach to health.
I offer a blended business that consists of both energetic/metaphysical offerings as well as health consults that use bioenergetic scanning to focus on bringing balance back to the body.
To make up the shopping gallery, I have lots of handmade art, which I have been creating since 2016, as well as handmade candles, oils, body products, and metaphysical & intention-focused items.
Healing comes in many forms and what I have always wanted to bring to others is a healing experience that can be customized to each individual.

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