LOVE: The Mother Principle

Nearing the close of the Eclipse Window, lots of avenues for change and growth abound! Also, solar radiation is high and really being FELT as the matrix is being restored. You could be feeling anxious, having insomnia, irritability, emotional outbursts, as well as more physical symptoms of joint aches and pains, headaches, muscle cramps, nerveContinue reading “LOVE: The Mother Principle”

“I Smell Children!”

Let us discuss the powers of scent! Awareness of aromatherapeutics and their power has been present throughout many different cultures for millenia. Their use in healing, especially connected to the mind and their ability to alter perception, has been a staple for use in sacred ceremonies and in folklore- even modern times. (Hint: How doContinue reading ““I Smell Children!””

Reprogramming your Patterns

When reprogramming your mental and emotional patterns, it is important to recognize your triggers. However, in my experience, it is CRITICAL to forgive/accept your role and others’ role in that trigger. Let us use the evaluation of road rage again. From where does the anger stem? Fear? Impatience? Lack of consideration from other self?These areContinue reading “Reprogramming your Patterns”

Viruses- Programming for Awareness

What actually are viruses? Cohorts/Codes of programming that help to redirect areas of imbalance. Why do we experience them? The body seeks balance, or homeostasis, always. How does this apply to what has happened over the past 2.5 years? “Corona”=Crown=Unity Consciousness It isn’t what we were told as fear has been used to control forContinue reading “Viruses- Programming for Awareness”

Use of Crystal Balls

I wanted to make a post about crystal balls because there are several misconceptions about their use and confliction about whether glass ones are “real” or not. Firstly did you know that both glass and quartz are to a large degree the same? What separates them by name is the percentage of silica/silicon dioxide theyContinue reading “Use of Crystal Balls”