Use of Crystal Balls

I wanted to make a post about crystal balls because there are several misconceptions about their use and confliction about whether glass ones are “real” or not.

Firstly did you know that both glass and quartz are to a large degree the same? What separates them by name is the percentage of silica/silicon dioxide they contain. Glass typically has percentages of silica around 70-75% for most manufactured states of glass. Meanwhile quartz on the other hand has a higher percentage of silica, usually 85% or more plus inclusions of other minerals depending on geographic location.

This means that for purpose of meditation and ritual use, your glass orb will suit its purpose just fine.

Secondly the misconception of use surrounds the more stereotypical vision of a fortune-teller peering through the veil to the worlds unseen- past, future, and/or the noncorporeal. There is some truth to this for those that are clairvoyant, or possess the ability to move past the 5 physical senses and focus on what their inner sight reveals. However, this has very little to do with the crystal ball, which only serves as the tool for the practitioner.

The crystal ball serves as a primary point of focus to aid the practitioner in gleaning information from all the nonphysical senses, and that can come through any of the “clairs.” So for example let us say you are meditating on an issue and you utilize the crystal ball as your point of focus. If you start receiving wisdom by hearing, by a sudden sense of knowing, by scent, or taste then you are successful with its use. You need not see a moving picture for a crystal ball to be helpful in your endeavor.

And also for this reason, a crystal ball is not necessary to experience clairvoyance, or inner vision. Any reflective surface, flame or even the back of your eyelids if the eyes are closed, can serve as an inflection point for inner sight. This reinforces the idea that metaphysical tools are exactly that, tools, which are only powerful when wielded by the practitioner.

This brings me to another common misconception of equating crystal balls to the “dark” arts or “black” magic. Any tools used to attain wisdom or gain insight can be used for beneficial or nefarious purposes. It solely falls down to the intent of the person utilizing it. But as stated above, it is not necessary for someone who wanted to bring ill will upon another to utilize the crystal ball or any other metaphysical tool to do it.

In actuality people do this all the time, either knowingly or unknowingly. If you curse at a person in traffic for cutting you off, if you secretly wish for someone to fail, if you backhand compliment people, or if you manipulate them into doing something for you, these are all examples of execution of ill will or intent on another. No metaphysical tools ever needed.

Please feel free to leave me any questions or comments below as I am always happy to help to teach/learn and I myself am always willing to learn/teach.


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