LOVE: The Mother Principle

Nearing the close of the Eclipse Window, lots of avenues for change and growth abound! Also, solar radiation is high and really being FELT as the matrix is being restored. You could be feeling anxious, having insomnia, irritability, emotional outbursts, as well as more physical symptoms of joint aches and pains, headaches, muscle cramps, nerve pains/neuralgias, and vertigo/dizziness.

Stay hydrated, makes sure your mineral intake is good as well as good fats (for the brain fog, skin issues, and eyes).

Further explanation is in this video regarding the Love/Mother Principle and how it has been manipulated, perverted and used as a source of confusion for 2-3 millennia. It is not what has been told to you, which is why so many are hesitant to receive.

Balance is key for wholeness, and we are slowly remembering this piece by piece.

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