“I Smell Children!”

Let us discuss the powers of scent!

Awareness of aromatherapeutics and their power has been present throughout many different cultures for millenia. Their use in healing, especially connected to the mind and their ability to alter perception, has been a staple for use in sacred ceremonies and in folklore- even modern times. (Hint: How do you think witches smell children? LOL)

However, the power of scent goes much deeper than its uplifting or mood-bending abilities.

As you all know with the QEST4, I often discuss (on repeat) that everything has a unique energy signature. Every molecule down to the infintesimal degree possesses this signature. Your unique frequency as a hue-man is a conglomeration of these signatures- every cell, vitamin, mineral, salt, fat, thought, and emotion. That is why the focus on your inner planes is so emphasized as it quite literally builds the outer (physical) ones.

Scents are no different in that they, too, possess their own unique signature or frequency. And with heightened senses, one can use the power of smell to distinguish changes in and around them. A heightened sense of smell typically involves “smelling” scents of a substance without having the physical substance present. This is a very real phenomenon, and if you understand how frequencies work, you’ll see why this occurs.

Now let us take dogs for an example. Our canine companions have been trained to “scents” subtle shifts in bodily scent to detect cancers, changes in blood sugar, and even mineral/fluid volume changes associated with seizures. The dogs, much like humans when they have developed this faculty, are sensing the frequency shifts emitted with these changes, which manifest as scent.

So the next time you get a whiff of something with no physical source, try to evaluate what may be of a more subtle nature creating the change within or out in your environment.

To note, scents also work this way around with healing. The frequencies emitted will either resonate with you for health or they won’t. It is why you are drawn to certain scents over others and why this may change upon the season and situation. Because of unique biochemistry and the person’s own resonating frequency, what works for you may very well exacerbate issues in another. This is also why intuition is important for health and balance.

So do have you any stories involving scent or the miraculous wonders of aromatherapy? I’d love to hear it in the comments!

Have a great Wednesday, y’all!

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