Emotion- Energy in Motion

🎆Emotion- Energy in Motion🎆

It is important to use it wisely for optimal health.

What have I found works best?

1- Take an observer role to understand your patterns- Why do you respond the way you do? How long have you been responding the same way without much thought, in other words, purely reactionary? Is this response helpful or hurtful for your growth?

2- FEEL it. This is the most uncomfortable thing to do, but the most effective. Feeling it does not equate to lashing out/releasing as this can reinforce the pattern you are wishing to break. If you do lash out/release in a destructive sense, be gentle with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It may take several experiences of retraining to stop the cycle.

3- Build new beneficial pattern. This step will look different for many and highly dependent on the pattern at hand.

I personally thank the cycle for bringing to my awareness where I can change, then proceed with welcoming Love and Grace into every situation going forward.🌿🌿

Also many have used the emotional freedom technique (EFT) with success, which involves a similar mechanism of recall mixed with tapping in certain areas of the body to aid release of old patterns.

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