Reprogramming your Patterns

When reprogramming your mental and emotional patterns, it is important to recognize your triggers. However, in my experience, it is CRITICAL to forgive/accept your role and others’ role in that trigger.

Let us use the evaluation of road rage again. From where does the anger stem? Fear? Impatience? Lack of consideration from other self?These are the triggers. But to help change perspective, why do those triggers exist? The majority of the time it is due to trauma or what we would deem a “negative” experience. Such experiences imprint far deeper into our psyche than positive ones; otherwise it wouldn’t drive our programming so strongly.

So think back to where this was initiated. With road rage for example, maybe you had a terrible car accident, or you were late for work and got wrote up, or perhaps you feel taken for granted in general in your current life scenario.

Now that you have pinpointed it, forgive yourself for any role you played in the circumstances then forgive those who also played their roles.It is the single best advice I can give in regards to quicker neutralization of old programming.

As you practice this, it will greatly shift your perspective and news ways of acting in future situations will be afforded to you. Happy Thursday everyone!

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