RESERVED FOR YOLANDA-****Whimsy Woods Witches’ Grimoire with Labradorite


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This grimoire is more of a typical journal size measuring at roughly 6in by 8in. It comes with high quality acid free paper as well as a small middle section of thicker brown cardstock for other mediums/ scrapbooking recipes and spells. 

It is important to note when purchasing this grimoire that it should be handled with care as the hand-crafted detail is more delicate than a factory-manufactured solid faced book. If you are looking for a journal that you can grab, throw in your bag and go, this grimoire is not for you.

It is made with mixed media including parchment, wood, polymer clay, and crystals.

The books contain approximately 120 pages (240 front and back) with 90 being regular and 30 being the thicker cardstock. The thicker pages can be used to write, paint, chalk, and stamp, as well as scrapbook, making possibilities limitless for your grimoire needs.

Meanings of the crystal centerpiece on the grimoire:

*Labradorite with its brilliant flashes of color can be used to enhance mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance/telepathy and can assist in communication with higher guides and spirits.

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in


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