Triple Moon Goddess Collar Necklace with Deep Purple Amethyst


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Handmade pendant specifically for the Triple Moon Goddess. It features a deeply purple amethyst. Amethyst may aid in the balance of the lower 3 & upper 3 chakras, helping to establish the bridge of wisdom through the heart. It may increase spiritual awareness, which is critical when eliciting visions. In spells and energy work, this stone can be used for protection against psychic attacks, enhancing intuition, tension relief, and dream recall.

*The Triple Moon Goddess represents what most in Pagan and Wicca religion and Witchcraft know as the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It represents different aspects or phases in a person’s life as well as in nature. Much like the moon going through its waxing and waning phases, life itself goes through transition from birth to life to death. Such transitions bring about transformation, which is for your highest good, and with this transformation comes both destruction and creation.

Please note this is a statement piece, large in size.


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