Sun & Pentacle Witches Grimoire with Amazonite, Aventurine, and Pyrite Crystals


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This grimoire is made from a post-bound book made for my ease of creation and customization. This means that there is not a ‘true’ spine other than parchment/cardboard spine made by me. **THIS BOOK IS NOT MADE TO BE TAKEN APART. No pages can be added after the spine is done. Therefore if you are wanting more pages than the 100(200 front and back) this needs to be a customized request during ordering for a custom grimoire. 

It is important to note when purchasing this grimoire that it should be handled with care as the hand-crafted detail is more delicate than a factory-manufactured solid faced book. If you are looking for a journal that you can grab, throw in your bag and go, this grimoire is not for you.

It is made with mixed media including parchment, wood, polymer clay, and crystals. The pages of the grimoire are thick, parchment cardstock paper 8.5 inches by 11 inches, which is high quality acid and lignin free.


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