Solar Cross Talisman with Raw Tourmaline and Pyrite, Cross


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– Made on Fall Equinox 2023

SOLAR CROSS Talismans are elements of magic that incorporate the quarters for full protection. It is sensed that crosses represent protection as each intersection represents the essence of the Divine Spark.
From keeping your fingers crossed,to wearing braids or plaits,to the crucifix,crosses have been woven into the very tapestry of many, if not all, cultures.
Like the Egyptian Ankh, the cross represents the 4 elements- earth, air fire, and water,and the singular point of cross- the element of Order, Spirit.
We all carry or bear the cross of matter and are seeking balance of the poles,which are made up of the 4 Elements. Our Spirit,at the intersection of these poles, is what Creates Order out of chaos, should we choose that is.

Instead of utilizing the cross as a form of death worship, it is more closely associated with Wiccan and Jewish symbolism found in the pentacle and star of David- each representing the same teaching of how to embody your highest potential.

Each of these handmade talismans are made with polymer clay with raw tourmaline and pyrite cabochons, and metal charms.


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