Pentacle Wood & Polymer Clay Altar or Crystal Box


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This altar or crystal box is made out of wood with polymer clay, crystal, and real moss flourishes on the lid. There is no hinge, the lid just pulls off of the top. It is hexagonal (6-sided) and it measures approximately 6.5 inches by 8 inches from point to point. All of the details on the box are handpainted and glazed for protection. The box comes to you empty for you to fill with your most precious treasures.

The stone in the center is lapis lazuli, which is a beautiful rich blue stone that is frequently associated with third eye activation. In spells and energy work, it may be used to boost power, develop psychic abilities, access inner truth/wisdome, and access universal knowledge, such as the Akashic Records.

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Dimensions 6.5 × 8 × 4 in


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