Pentacle Potion Bottles Amulets for Protection


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Each amulet is specifically made for protection with the potion bottles containing a mixture of dried herbs of mistletoe, mugwort, and skullcap as well as small chipstones of black obsidian and/or larimar.

The first from the left has a labradorite cabochon, the middle has moonstone, and the right has black agate.

Properties associated with each stone are as follows:

*Labradorite with its brilliant flashes of color can be used to enhance mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance/telepathy and can assist in communication with higher guides and spirits.

*Moonstone brings with it all the qualities of the moon. Both sumptuous and majestic, the moonstone can be used for protection, communication with higher guides and spirits, and for divination.

*Agate is a versatile stone with many metaphysical uses, such as balancing energies, protection, and healing. When kept on your person, agate can bring a very calming and grounding energy.


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