High Priestess- Dark Feminine Grimoire with iolite and yellow chalcedony9


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With this grimoire, I wanted to capture the darker current of the Feminine power. Many of the concepts that have been vilified and misunderstood often stem from the darker Feminine. Sexual prowess, manipulation and seduction- all of which can be a perversion from traumas arising in the Feminine principle. We all have characteristics of this, both male and female, but choose to acknowledge and work with rather than resist or chastise (or vilify with certain religions). That is where your power lies- not in pretending you can shut the door on the boogeyman or ignore you have these characteristics, but bringing awareness to and accepting their existence. That is where real work 💪 begins.


This book has approximately 110 pages (220 front and back). It features a beautiful iolite centerpiece with 2 adorning yellow chalcedony.  The book is roughly 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches in size.


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