Healing Poppet Doll w/Green Aventurine Chips, White Willow Bark, Thyme and Necklet Witchcraft/Wiccan/Pagan


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Poppet dolls are used in a variety of ways in cultures across the world. They are a very common form of sympathetic magick and can be used to manifest a number of desired effects. 

The healing poppet doll is comprised of cotton stuffing with green aventurine chip stones for soothing yet uplifting energy and thyme & white willow bark for cleansing and healing. 

Attached to the poppet is a removable necklet, which can be charmed with your intention along with the poppet and removed at a later time for magickal use on the go. The pictured healing poppet has a necklet that includes dyed agate beads and charms.

They each measure just over 9 inches or 23 cm in length and can be customized. If a certain reason is needed other than the current poppets created, a custom one specific for your purpose can be made!

* The poppet dolls are not toys and are not intended for children or animals. It does contain small stones and herbs, which can pose a choking hazard. Not suitable for machine washing.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 2 in


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