Goddess Aphrodite/Venus Canister Wand with Rose Quartz, Fluorite


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Handmade polymer clay canister wand to use or place on your altar for dedication! It is of the Goddess of Love with hand-painted coloring with Rose Quartz sphere and Green Fluorite point! Since it is a canister wand, it unscrews for you to add whatever herbs, potions, crystals, runes, etc. that you would like. You can change what you add by spell work or just add to your wand to strengthen its power, individual to your needs.

*Quartz crystal is a very well-known and versatile stone. It is used frequently for programming and store information to enhance the potency of intention magick. In spells and energy work, the quartz may be used for vision quest/journeys, divination, astral projection, aura cleansing, and transmitting energy. Rose quartz  is associated with many Gods/Goddesses, including the Goddess of Love, Aprhodite/Venus due to its gentle and loving energy. It can strengthen connection for self-love and acceptance of yourself and others.


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