Eirbeth the Faerie Flower Sprite with Tiger’s Eye and Glass Beads Witchcraft/Wiccan/Pagan


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Handmade polymer clay Flower Sprite with beautiful Tiger’s Eye cabochon and glass beads!

Many different stories abound in cultures across the world about the enchanting ways of the Fae. They can be found in lush forests, whimsical gardens, forked waterways, and rolling mounds. They are known by many names and tend to be most commonly described as wild nature spirits. Sprites are a very common term for faeries, particularly in some circles, air spirits. 

Faeries can be very kind and loving with a glint of mischief. Pictured is the sweet and cunning flower sprite Eirbeth. She is a sly beauty whose fondness extends to nature and those with great reverence for Mother Earth. Carry her with you to help connect with the unseen world of the Fae.

*Tiger Eye is an enchanting stone with a beautiful multi-toned quality. It varies in color from the most common of gold/yellow to blue to red. In spells and energy work, this stone can be used for good luck, grounding/stability, self-confidence, and objectivity.

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