Arachne Goddess, Weaver of Fate, Plaque featuring Labradorite


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In Greek mythology, Arachne was thought once to be a mortal woman from the country of Lydia. She was purported to be a great weaver who boasted out of arrogance and disrespect to be even better than goddess Athena. This was said to enrage the goddess Athena, and thus Arachne was challenged to a contest to see who was the more skilled weaver. Myths vary whether Arachne or Athena won the contest, but is said that Athena could not tolerate Arachne’s boastful and disrespecting nature, and thus turned her into a spider, where she could indeed weave for the rest of her life. 

Interestingly enough our language proudly boasts Arachne’s imprint with her name being the base for reference to spiders- i.e. arachnids, arachnophobia.


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