14 INCH Hekate Triple Moon Goddess Wand with Moonstone, Tiger’s Eye, Calcite Quartz, and Quartz Point- Witch/Wiccan/Pagan


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Handmade polymer clay pendant with hand-painted coloring and Quartz Crystal Point, Moonstone, Calcite Quartz Formation topper and Tiger’s Eye!

***Wand is approximately 14 inches in length and is just under 3 inches in diameter at its widest.

*The Triple Moon Goddess represents what most in Pagan and Wicca religion and Witchcraft know as the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It represents different aspects or phases in a person’s life as well as in nature. Much like the moon going through its waxing and waning phases, life itself goes through transition from birth to life to death. Such transitions bring about transformation, which is for your highest good and the good of all involved.

*Hekate is referred to as one of the dark Goddesses, representing the shadow aspects of the Divine Feminine. She is often depicted as fierce, unyielding, and a superior warrior of great strength. With the rise of the Divine Feminine, she can be called upon for discipline and wisdom to usher in the rise of Wise Women. When choosing to embrace your Femininity, Hekate walks with you bringing forth courage, fire, and utter resilience in the face of trials.

*Tiger Eye is an enchanting stone with an almost iridescent quality. It varies in color from the most common of gold/yellow to blue to red. In spells and energy work, this stone can be used for good luck, grounding/stability, self-confidence, and objectivity.

*Quartz crystal is a very well-known and versatile stone. It is used frequently for programming and to store information to enhance the potency of intention magick. In spells and energy work, the quartz may be used for vision quest/journeys, divination, astral projection, aura cleansing, and transmitting energy.

*Moonstone brings with it all the qualities of the moon. Both sumptuous and majestic, the moonstone can be used for protection, communication with higher guides and spirits, and for divination.

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