TOP Ten Crystals for Protection



Every single thing in existence has an energy stamp. From the most miniscule amoeba to the largest planet in the galactic sea.

Each combination of atoms depending on its electrical presence can be as unique as a fingerprint to a human being.

It is not a far stretch to envision that certain energetic frequencies can induce a particular effect on the surrounding environment, including the electrical/nervous system of the human body.

I think with time science will concur with this magickal phenomenon.

From personal experience and practice, I have compiled a list of my top 10 crystals for protection and grounding.

They are as follows:

  • Obsidian

    • Obsidian can be used for protection, particularly from energy manipulation. Itgems-1400677_1920 is perfect for grounding scattered energy in situations where you are anxious or overwhelmed.
    • Obsidian can also help with detachment from outcomes. Trying to control every situation in your life tends to create inner turmoil and strife when scenarios fail to play out the way you want or expect. When carrying or wearing obsidian, you can better grasp the flow of life itself and feel free to ride the wave.
    • Obsidian can also help to shed light on unnecessary or repeating patterns in your life. If you are feeling stagnant, obsidian can help to elicit breakthroughs for spiritual progression.
    • Grounding and protection qualities of obsidian extend to variations like snowflake obsidian and apache tear stones.

  • Tourmaline

    • Black tourmaline can be very effective for protection against negative energy or entities. As with obsidian, tourmaline can help with grounding scattered energetic patterns.
    • Black tourmaline is also used to enhance one’s creativity safely and intuitively.
    • Watermelon tourmaline can also be used for protection and even more so grounding. Because it can help with nervousness, anxiety, and other emotional instability, watermelon tourmaline can bring balance to such patterns.

  • Tiger Eye

    • Tiger eye, which is a variety of quartz, can help with grounding by enhancing tiger-eye-1605870_1920.jpgconcentration and focus on the task at hand.
    • With its robust masculine energy, tiger eye can help infuse you with courage and optimism to help recognize one’s own power.
    • Protection with tiger eye can come from its grounding abilities as well as its tendency to help bring about intuitive insight.
    • Its grounding and protective qualities can be found in all its most common forms: gold, red, and blue.
    • Red tiger eye is more frequently associated with protection given its color. The color red, the color of the root chakra, is affiliated with survival, instinctual needs, and safety.
    • Blue tiger eye is more commonly associated with bringing peace and tranquility given its beautiful deep blue hue.

  • Onyx

    • Onyx can be helpful in banishing negative energies or destructive and repetitive patterns in your life.
    • Onyx, with its ability to balance yin/yang or male/female energies, can be useful in centering or grounding yourself as well.
    • Much like obsidian, onyx can also help with detachment from situational life outcomes.
    • If you are looking for a stone to help with self-control, whether it be over emotions or negative behaviors, onyx would be ideal to wear or carry on your person.

  • Amethyst

    • amethyst-1576233_1920.jpgAmethyst, a variation of quartz, is the stone of sobriety and has long been associated with warding off drunkenness. It may help to break certain addictions and other negative behavioral patterns that are detrimental to your spiritual growth.
    • Amethyst is also a good stone for balancing energies by keeping you at a centered, calm point of view. If you work in a job or have a career where you are frequently involved in others’ personal turmoil (i.e. counsellors, nail salon technicians, medical field personnel, etc.), amethyst would be a great stone to wear or carry.
    • Amethyst can also help to clear the aura of energetic debris and thus can enhance the reception of intuitive insight.

  • Turquoise

    • Turquoise is a very versatile stone that has come to be associated with the Native stones-315271_1280.jpgAmerican culture. It has been used for protection and guidance while undergoing shamanic journeys.
    • Turquoise can help to bring you to a grounded state where self-awareness prevails, which aids in your ability to approach situations on an even keel. It can help to decrease anxiety and any emotional instability that can occur when lacking appropriate perspective.
    • Turquoise may encourage spiritual reconnection and attunement.

  • Hematite

    • Hematite is a wonderful stone for protection and grounding. It is well known for its reflective properties, given its mirror-like appearance particularly when polished.
    • Hematite may help to promote self-control, much like onyx. It can transform or transmute negative energetic debris that can contribute to stagnation and lack of purpose.
    • It is also used to alleviate stress that comes from such energetic buildup. Due to its deflective ability, it helps to prevent such energetic residue from recurring.

  • Quartz Crystal

    • Quartz crystal is the most versatile stone in existence. It can be programmed gem-2420244_1920.jpgto perform and store practically any function that the user desires. For this reason alone, if you are going to own any stone at all, the quartz crystal would be the ideal stone.
    • Although any quartz crystal can be used for protection and grounding, the most notable for such functions is the smoky quartz.
    • Smoky quartz crystal has the capability to transform negativity and remove prominent blocks and barriers to growth.
    • Failure to let go of what no longer serves can contribute to stagnation. Smoky quartz can assist you in letting go of what doesn’t align any longer with your highest good.

  • Amber


    • Associated with the sun, amber, which is actually a resin, brings a warm courageous energy to its wearer.
    • Amber can boost self esteem and confidence in one’s abilities and in turn release your insecurities.
    • Given that it is a tree resin, it is earthy in nature and very grounding as a result. It can help up calm anxiety and reduce any emotional static that you may have built up over time.

  • Jasper

    • Considered an earth stone, jasper is well-known for its grounding properties. It helps to bring about creativity and harmony with your surroundings.
    • Jasper helps to stabilize inner emotional turmoil, bringing about a state of peace and security.
    • Jasper is referred to as a nurturing stone because of its gentle and healing effect.


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