Releasing Your Inner Star Child


Where do we go wrong? How do so many of us end up living, if you can call it that, in such an automated, robotic way?

Be responsible, they said. Be successful, they said.

What do these terms even MEAN?

Obviously the definitions are really a matter of our perspective and the experiences we let define us. When we listen to the opinions of others and let their definitions guide our life choices, we tend to find ourselves somewhere between Meh & IDGAF.

Why is that? Is it because we all too often let others dictate how we think, feel, dream, aspire, grow, LIVE?

Somewhere along the way, through the various means of exposure (be it society, technology, and/or consumerism), we are robbed of our own unadulterated thoughts, desires, and dreams. Diluted from the flood of intrusive data that begins at such a young age, we somehow lose our true selves in all the hustle.

So how do you get that sparkle back? How indeed.

“May we throw normalcy to the wind and ride the breeze

above and beyond the mediocrity.”

Let’s talk inner star child.


The New Age definition of star child refers to a child that possesses unusual, special, and/or supernatural abilities and traits that help to define their current life’s work or purpose.

I don’t personally subscribe to such a definition as, to me, it suggests that those outside of the category are at the other end of the spectrum.

Instead I believe all of us as children start with these abilities, and each sentient being has a unique purpose for growth in this world. The unfortunate truth is that many of us lose sight of this secondary to circumstances and experiences that directly impact our feelings of self-worth.

Nevertheless, getting back to that state of balance can be a fun and fluid process.

Ways to Connect with your Inner Child

  1. Acknowledge Past Hurts

    • In order to heal what contributed to the off-switch on your love spigot, you must open up again to feel the pain. You need to be willing to revisit the scene of the crime so that you may understand why you have closed yourself off or turned down your own vibrancy in the first place.
      • It many cases it can be traced back to previous judgments, doubts, and/or derogatory opinions from others (particularly those close to you that you admire).
  2. Journal and Draw

    • Doodling and writing are very therapeutic and are considered very valid adult-1850177_640techniques. They are often utilized in psychiatry and psychology offices.
      • It can be cathartic to release trauma via paper, whether it be by writing, coloring, or drawing. What is important is the release and acknowledgement of the hurt itself.
      • Afterwards you can set that baby ablaze and watch it BURN! Talk about therapeutic.
  3. Mingle with Nature

    • There is nothing that quite compares to the magick felt in nature. Often times it takes us back to childhood memories; a simpler time when we were not so manipulated by the negativity of the world.
      • Nature has an associated feeling of coming home; the energy in nature can help to calm the senses enough that your inner child can communicate with you.
      • Try doing something outdoors that you enjoyed as child. Make note of how you feel afterwards and anything that resurfaces as a result.
  4. Invite Spontaneity

    • Try to avoid getting into a habitual routine. Routine brings stagnation, and stagnation breeds decay. You want to keep the flow of life, well, flowing.
      • Take new classes in subjects that interest you, restart an old hobby that fell to the wayside, indulge in nature, join an online support group, take the long route to work, etc.
      • The more stimulation you can provide, the more growth that can occur. Just think back to when you were a child; it was a brand new world every single day!
  5. Dare to Dream

    • Rehash all the adventures and aspirations that you had in the past, but cast aside out of fear and doubt.
      • I like the saying Go Big or Go Home. What exactly is holding you back from doing what it is you wish to do? Is it something legitimate or is it another excuse?
      • Excuses are a portal to your edream-1804598_640motions. They typically tell you what you really are not wanting to communicate- the feeling of fear. It could be fear of failure, fear of hurt, fear of judgment, etc. Whatever it is, it serves no purpose, but to keep you from being the true you.
  6. Laugh Unabashedly

    • Laughter from the physiological standpoint elicits the release of endorphins, which in turn lightens your mood. It can increase your pain threshold, stimulate a positive perspective, and help create a sense of belonging with others.
  7. Drop the Judgment

    • So much of our negative belief patterns stem from learned behaviours. If we are able to take time to increase awareness, we can little by little reshape how we see the world.
      • Because several of our blocks are  most likely related to past judgments from others, we need to be willing to stop the karmic wheel through forgiveness and acceptance of those who have hurt us.
      • When you come from a place of observation and acceptance rather than judgment, you are much less likely to switch y our love spigot back off. You can allow life to flow rather than remain stagnant.

book-1014197_640This is by no means an all-inclusive list as there are many other ways to connect with your inner star child. Truly the ability rests on your desire and receptivity to looking beyond the ordinary.

And if your approach is earnest and eager with an open heart, the results will blossom into healing and reintegration.

Brightest Blessings to you all.

Release that Inner Star Child!


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