The Splintered Self: From Broken Cogs To a Working Wheel


Have you ever felt that nagging pull from the depths of your mind;

a feeling like you are nowhere near WHOLE?

Your self feels {splintered, fragmented, fractured} like there are broken cogs in your psyche wheel.

The facade is so convincing that society overlooks such feelings and your waking conscious downright rebukes them.

Your footsteps can feel like choreography and

the words can read like a script. 

Until that ONE moment. ONE  PIVOTAL MOMENT. When the facade crumbles away and the raw, painful stub is left bleeding and exposed.

You are then able to see the charade; your imitative persona that is brought forth from the random collection of societal boundaries and dogma.

When you decimate what you thought was real, it leads you to a truth that is greater than fiction. You are forever changed.

Some refer to this as the Dark Night of the Soul; the preface to true recognition of your Divine light. A beauty that beams through every atom of your cellular blueprint.

Such darkness before light makes sense.

Afterall a phoenix only rises from its ashes.

Much like the phoenix in its cycle of regeneration, we have several dark nights that give waColorful-Phoenix-Line-Art-3-300pxy to self-illumination. It is through these cycles we learn who we truly are, why we are truly here, and how we expand past the now. 

Through my own cycles of spiritual regeneration, I have learned some steps to expedite theStars-In-Star-180-Twist-300px growth; a way to rapidly peel away layers in the hopes of returning as singular with SPIRIT as obtainable in this human form.

If this resonates with you, keep reading. If it does not, this is not for you at this time.

The 5 Steps for Growth & Expansion


    • All that you have welcomed as truth without first filtering through your intuitive checkpoints; this can be parental teaching, public school teaching, church dogma, and/or commercial and technology-driven subliminal messaging
    • Societal and cultural “norms”-this may be personal appearance and care, work schedules and expectations, material consumerism, and/or dietary/lifestyle influences
    • Your own biased opinions-this can be preconcieved notions about other races, religions, cultures, and/or other stereotyped groupings

    • rock-geology-300pxTo expose all of your hidden agendas- find out your motives. TRACK them down and bring them to light.
    • Your emotional triggers– For example, most anger stems from feeling wronged or hurt in some way. Find out WHY you’re angry. Do NOT bury it. Feel it, raw and uncensored; acknowledge its existence, get to know it, and lastly let it go.
    • Your relationships- dig through your connections. WHY are they in your life, what do they teach you, and what do you have to teach them?

    • The mirroring that occurs in the physical world. What are you seeing the most Soul-Mirror-300pxin your life? Situations that elicit anger, guilt, shame? Does it still reflect what you have not quite excavated or unlearned? Repeat steps 1 and 2. 
    • PEOPLE- perceiving others while they undergo their own trials and tribulations brings about empathy. Acceptance of others cultivates peace and strengthens the bond you have with ALL sentient beings.
    • Nature- this brings you closer to the Spirit that permeates all of life. It can calm the ego and usher in renewed energy for growth and expansion.

    • The Intellect- you may selectively accept truths that feel right to you and your path at the current time. You also accept responsibility for the consequences of such actions. You are able to replace what fragmented beliefs were unlearned with what ideally is more whole.
    • The Body-it will change as you relearn all that was accepted previously. Be kind to your body, and show love to yourself via wholesome foods, stimulating activites, and love/acceptance of your flaws.
    • The Emotions- you control your emotions; they do not control you. Do not suppress them, but acknowledge and observe without reacting. When you tame your emotions, they begin to balance despite provocation. This is not easy in the slightest sense. I personally can attest to this as I am a Cancerian, governed by the moon, intuition and emotion.

    • The steps of unlearning, excavating, observing, and reprogramming to further refine your spiritual growth and expansion. You may bounce to and fro between the steps as you digest what the day before you prepares. Each dark night of the soul brings as much illumination and expansion as the last.


While continuing on this path, it is evident that here in the human form our ability to change is ever-present.

We have the option before us to choose what may bring us great joy or great suffering and whether or not we stay fragmented or move towards whole.

It is only when we drop the everso carefully scripted act that we can create what brings us WHOLE CIRCLE back to Divinity.

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;Prismatic-Ornate-Dharma-Wheel-300px
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

—Frank Outlaw

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