Ten Mermaid *Tails* for the Ethereal Believers



💠1488662402-300px(1)  Mermaids are found in nearly every culture and are not just associated with the oceans, but with fresh water springs, lakes, and rivers as well.

💠(2) Supposed traits include power of prophecy and the ability to bestow or remove fertility.

💠(3) It is said mermaids have the inclination to be vengeful if wronged or made angry.

💠(4) They can be skilled healers as well as psychopomps.

💠(5) Mermaids are typically associated with feminine sexuality and power. Patriachal-dominated cultures often portray them as dangerous or seductive/vindictive because of this association.

💠(6) Mermaids in the time of the medieval church became symbols of lust and sin.


💠(7) You can find carved motifs of mermaids in European cathedrals, including Auxerre and Freiburg.

💠(8) They are often depicted holding or nursing infants, similarly to a Madonna with a child.

💠(9) Attributes include: fish, seashells, combs, and hand mirrors.

💠(10) Coral is thought mythologically to be the petrified menstrual blood of mermaids, though some also associate this perception with Medusa.



  1. Ulupi is like a mermaid. She was the princess of an underwater kingdom. Naga princess. Arjuna, the human prince is her lover. 🙂

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